LED enhanced clothing

Build and program a project using a switch (or switches) and an LED (or LEDs). You may use off-the-shelf switches (pushbutton, momentary contact, etc.) or you may make your own switches. Program the project to “do something” when you press the switch(es) – for example, to blink more frequently every time you close a switch, to gradually increase the frequency of blinking until you “reset” by closing a switch, to turn on different colors as you close a switch, etc.

Embed the project in an article of clothing – a hat, a shoe, a shirt, etc. You may use an existing piece of clothing, or if you feel so motivated, make one.

Demonstrations in class on Tuesday September 16.


One thought on “LED enhanced clothing

  1. Hi,

    How would we connect to a power source for the arduino?
    I feel like I missed a detail… usb cord or power cord don’t seem long enough..

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