Project 1

So far we have covered sensing simple switches as well as analog (continuous) inputs; and actuating both discrete (digital) and continuous (analog) outputs; writing programs that retain “state” or “memory” (as distinguished from programs that directly transduce sensor inputs to actuator outputs).  We have also introduced using a simple transistor circuit to allow your microcontroller to control an externally powered device, so that your projects can go beyond the power limitations of the microcontroller.

For project 1, (shown in class on Oct 2), build something wearable that uses any and all of what we have done so far.  This is your opportunity to experiment with sensors and actuators you may not have tried; to build some more subtle program; and to work more intensely with materials.  There’s no particular “problem statement” for the project – feel free to experiment and let your imagination run wild.   Do start early so that you can obtain the materials and supplies you need … and allow time for a few design-build-debug cycles, so that you have a successful and convincing project to show.


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