Paparazzi Status-Quo



Idea: The idea here is to have a meter for how “hot” you are to all those photographers outside the club, the circuit I used was similar to the party underwear project, but the code is completely different. Ambient Light controls the speed of which the LED blinks, the dimmer the ambient light is, the faster it blinks. Also we keep a state record, if you get flashed by a camera your status-quo is increased and the intensity of the LED will become higher , Indicating everyone inside the club that you are tonights “hotshot”








int sensPin = 2;    // input pin for the LDR

int ledPin = 11;   // output pin for LEDs

int ambientLight = 0;       // variable to store the value coming from the sensor

int photos=0;

int lightPow=20;

void setup() {

  pinMode(ledPin, OUTPUT);  // declare the ledPin as an OUTPUT




void loop() {



  ambientLight = analogRead(sensPin);    // //How bright is it outside


 if(ambientLight>600){                 // You got photographed



  analogWrite(ledPin, lightPow);   

  delay( ambientLight*2 );   //Blink Blink

  analogWrite(ledPin, 0);

  delay( ambientLight*2 );



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