Idea: The idea here was to create a awesome T-shirt to wear while watching your soccer team crushing the opponents. Every time you celebrate a goal the t-shirt will display a huge blinking G in the back. The blinking speed is affected by how many goals your team scored, the more the faster. 

For this project I used a luminescent wire, one mercury sensor, and a relay to control the blinking of the G which was powered externally.







int sensPin = 2;    // input pin for the Mercury Sensor

int ledPin = 8;   // output pin for Luminiscent Wire

int val;

int blink=1000;

boolean goal=false;


void setup() {

  pinMode(ledPin, OUTPUT);  // declare the ledPin as an OUTPUT

  pinMode(sensPin, INPUT);




void loop() {





    digitalWrite(ledPin, HIGH);


    digitalWrite(ledPin, LOW);




      if(blink<0) blink=1000;









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