Memory Tracer


Memory Tracer(working title) will be an interactive audio detective game.  According to an Asian ancient belife, every object has spirit and memory.  In this game, a guest has to find out who is the muderer by picking up physical objects and listening the memory of those objects. 



CSI invented a new high technology machine.  It takes you to the past and let you hear what has happened in that space.  You also can hear a behind story of each object you pick up (like a memory).  There was a case of murder in a closed place. A guest is a detector and  you have a partner (assistance).  Your partner acts like an audio guide.  A guest put the headphone and travels the time.  You are now when the murder case happened or even before.  You hear dialogues of suspects.  You pick up the evidences and hear about the behind story of them. You can fast forward or rewind what you are hearing, and finally make a guess who is the murderer among the suspects.


System Diagram



1) good /interesting stroy-line

2) find appropriate sensors for each object so that whenever the user pick up or touch it it reacts.

3) good sound recording quality


Project Schedule

1st week : story line and game design

2nd week : story line and game design, search for sensors

3rd week : record dialogues, compose/find music, 

4th week : make this happend~


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