Virtual Creature Creator


Idea is to create a creature physically and bring it to life virtually.

Related Works:

  • Posey

    This is a construction kit that allows user to build an interface for application running on computer.

  • Designosaur

    User can use physical parts to build a dinosaur, and the dinosaur will be displayed on modeling application.

Design Details:

User will be able to use different orientations and combination of physical parts to create a unique creature, which will come to life in Processing. User will be able to define a set of physical and behavior properties using these physical parts.  By connecting the physical pieces to Arduino board, Arduino board would send data about the orientation and combination of physical components to Processing. Processing will then create a virtual creature in an environment with different physics applied.

User can then interface with the creature in Processing.

I am also thinking about possible interaction between the physical and virtual components.

This is for fun and probably more for younger age group. I would play with it too though.

Skills List:

  • Processing, and the sending useful data from Arduino to Processing
  • Using hardware components and getting orientation/combination data

Parts List:

  • Physical parts to build creature

4-week timeline

  • Week 1: Figure out how hardware will work and look at different parts
  • Week 2: Build small scale parts to make sure concept works between hardware and Processing
  • Week 3; Build up the physical parts and the Processing application
  • Week 4: Finish project and wrap up documentation

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