Programming error help

Can anyone help me with the error that I keep getting below? It only does it when I have processing use my USB camera.





2008-11-06 15:45:56.095 java[10117:18503] Found image sensor of class:MyHDCS1000Sensor, camera of class:MyQCExpressADriver


2008-11-06 15:47:47.965 java[10117:18503] *** -[NSLock lock]: deadlock (<NSLock: 0x1c116f10> ‘(null)’)

2008-11-06 15:47:47.966 java[10117:18503] *** Break on _NSLockError() to debug.

2008-11-06 15:47:48.069 java[10117:1a203] *** -[NSLock unlock]: lock (<NSLock: 0x1c116f10> ‘(null)’) unlocked from thread which did not lock it

2008-11-06 15:47:48.070 java[10117:1a203] *** Break on _NSLockError() to debug.


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