documenting your MTI project

Documenting your “Making Things Interactive” Project

You may choose a method of documenting your project that you feel is most appropriate for the project and its intended audience.  Regardless of the method you choose, your documentation should be clear, thorough, and have high production values.  (High production values means high-quality photographs, well-produced audio/video, and good writing).

Your document should convey: What you did, why you did it, and how it works. It should be possible for a competent graduate student to build your project by referring to your document.

You must link your document and any supporting materials (video, code, etc). on the class blog.

You may, for example, make an “instructable” ( on how to build your project.

You may make a narrated how-to video presentation on your project (similar to Johnny Lee’s Wiimote videos)

Alternately, you may prepare a short paper in SIGCHI format:

Your paper would then have the following sections:
Introduction (motivation and rationale)
Related work (other similar projects and how yours differs)
Description (of your project: what, how)
Lessons learned


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